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IV: 19, 240-282, LNM 124 (1970)
DELLACHERIE, Claude; DOLÉANS-DADE, Catherine; LETTA, Giorgio; MEYER, Paul-André
Diffusions à coefficients continus, d'après Stroock et Varadhan (Markov processes, Diffusion theory)
This paper consists of four seminar talks on a celebrated paper of Stroock-Varadhan (Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 22, 1969), which constructs by a probability method a unique semigroup whose generator is an elliptic second order operator with continuous coefficients (the analytic approach either deals with operators in divergence form, or requires some Hölder condition). The contribution of G.~Letta nicely simplified the proof
Comment: The results were so definitive that apparently the subject attracted no further work. See Stroock-Varadhan, Multidimensional Diffusion Processes, Springer 1979
Keywords: Elliptic differential operators, Uniqueness in law
Nature: Exposition
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