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I: 09, 177-189, LNM 39 (1967)
WEIL, Michel
Résolvantes en dualité (Markov processes, Potential theory)
Given two sub-Markov resolvents in duality, whose kernels are absolutely continuous with respect to a given measure, it is shown how to choose their densities to get true Green kernels, excessive in one variable and coexcessive in the other one. It is shown also that coexcessive functions are exactly the densities of excessive measures
Comment: These results, now classical, are due to Kunita-T. Watanabe, Ill. J. Math., 9, 1965 and J. Math. Mech., 15, 1966
Keywords: Green potentials, Dual semigroups
Nature: Exposition
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III: 09, 144-151, LNM 88 (1969)
MEYER, Paul-André
Un résultat de théorie du potentiel (Potential theory, Markov processes)
Under strong duality hypotheses, it is shown that a measure which does not charge polar sets is equivalent to a measure whose Green potential is bounded
Comment: See Meyer, Processus de Markov, Lecture Notes in M. 26
Keywords: Green potentials, Dual semigroups
Nature: Original
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IV: 07, 73-75, LNM 124 (1970)
Potentiels de Green et fonctionnelles additives (Markov processes, Potential theory)
Under duality hypotheses, the problem is to associate an additive functional with a Green potential, which may assume the value $+\infty$ on a polar set: the corresponding a.f. may explode at time $0$
Comment: Such additive functionals appear very naturally in the theory of Dirichlet spaces
Keywords: Green potentials, Additive functionals
Nature: Original
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