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II: 02, 22-33, LNM 51 (1968)
CARTIER, Pierre; MEYER, Paul-André; WEIL, Michel
Le retournement du temps~: compléments à l'exposé de M.~Weil (Markov processes)
In 108, M.~Weil had presented the work of Nagasawa on the time reversal of a Markov process at a ``L-time'' or return time. Here the results are improved on three points: a Markovian filtration is given for the reversed process; an analytic condition on the semigroup is lifted; finally, the behaviour of the coexcessive functions on the sample functions of the original process is investigated
Comment: The results of this paper have become part of the standard theory of time reversal. See 312 for a correction
Keywords: Time reversal, Dual semigroups
Nature: Original
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IV: 02, 28-36, LNM 124 (1970)
Sur certaines variables aléatoires associées au réarrangement croissant d'un échantillon (Miscellanea)
Presentation of combinatorial results due to D.~Foata and to Cartier-Foata, which are relevant for the theory of order statistics
Comment: See Cartier-Foata, Problèmes combinatoires de commutation et réarrangements, LN 85, 1969
Keywords: Combinatorics, Generating functions, Order statistics
Nature: Exposition
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V: 05, 58-75, LNM 191 (1971)
Introduction à l'étude des mouvements browniens à plusieurs paramètres (Gaussian processes)
Settles in particular a disagreement between statements of Lévy (Processus Stochastiques et Mouvement Brownien, 1948) and McKean (Teor. Ver. i Prim. 8, 1963) on the domain of analyticity of some Gaussian random functions
Comment: More recent work of Cartier on covariances appeared in the L.~Schwartz volume Mathematical Analysis and Applications, A, Academic Press 1981
Keywords: Several parameter Brownian motions, Covariance
Nature: New exposition of known results
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