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XVI: 20, 234-237, LNM 920 (1982)
YOEURP, Chantha
Une d├ęcomposition multiplicative de la valeur absolue d'un mouvement brownien (Brownian motion, Stochastic calculus)
A positive submartingale like $X_t=|B_t|$ vanishes too often to be represented as a product of a local martingale and an increasing process. Still, one may look for a kind of additive decomposition of $\log X$, from which the required multiplicative decomposition would follow by taking exponentials. Here the (Ito-Tanaka) additive decomposition of $\log(X\lor\epsilon)$ is studied, as well as its limiting behaviour as $\epsilon\rightarrow0$
Comment: See 1023, 1321
Keywords: Multiplicative decomposition, Change of variable formula, Local times
Nature: Original
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