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XIII: 34, 400-406, LNM 721 (1979)
YOR, Marc
Quelques ├ępilogues (General theory of processes, Martingale theory, Stochastic calculus)
This is an account of current folklore, i.e., small remarks which settle natural questions, possibly published elsewhere but difficult to locate. Among the quotable results, one may mention that if a sequence of martingales converges in $L^1$, one can stop them at arbitrary large stopping times so that the stopped processes converge in $H^1$
Keywords: Local time, Enlargement of filtrations, $H^1$ space, Hardy spaces, $BMO$
Nature: Original
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XLIV: 06, 141-148, LNM 2046 (2012)
The derivative of the intersection local time of Brownian motion through Wiener chaos (Theory of processes)
Keywords: Intersection of local time, Wiener chaos
Nature: Original
XLVI: 14, 359-375, LNM 2123 (2014)
ROSENBAUM, Mathieu; YOR, Marc
On the law of a triplet associated with the pseudo-Brownian bridge (Theory of Brownian motion)
This article gives a remarkable identity in law which relates the Brownian motion, its local time, and the the inverse of its local time
Keywords: Brownian motion, pseudo-Brownian bridge, Bessel process, local time, hitting times, scaling, uniform sampling, Mellin transform
Nature: Original