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VIII: 09, 80-133, LNM 381 (1974)
GEBUHRER, Marc Olivier
Une classe de processus de Markov en mécanique relativiste. Laplaciens généralisés sur les espaces symétriques de type non compact (Markov processes)
The first part of this paper is devoted to a model of relativistic Brownian motion defined by Dudley (Arkiv för Math., 6, 1965-67), which is studied as a Lorentz invariant diffusion process (in the usual sense) on the standard hyperboloid of velocities in special relativity, on which the Lorentz group acts. The Brownian paths themselves are constructed by integration and possess a speed smaller than the velocity of light but no higher derivatives. The second part studies more generally invariant Markov processes on a Riemannian symmetric space of non-compact type, their generators and the corresponding semigroups
Keywords: Relativistic Brownian motion, Invariant Markov processes, Symmetric spaces
Nature: Exposition, Original additions
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