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VI: 20, 202-214, LNM 258 (1972)
REVUZ, Daniel
Le principe semi-complet du maximum (Potential theory)
The problem studied here (and not completely solved) consists in finding potential theoretic characterizations for the recurrent potential operators constructed in the basic paper of Neveu, Ann. Inst. Fourier, 22-2, 1972. It is shown that these operators satisfy suitable maximum principles (as usual, slightly stronger in the discrete case than in the continuous case). The converse is delicate and some earlier work of Kondo (Osaka J. Math., 4, 1967) and Oshima (same journal, 6, 1969) is discussed in this new set-up
Comment: This topic is discussed again in Revuz' book Markov Chains, North-Holland
Keywords: Recurrent potential theory, Maximum principles, Recurrent Markov chains
Nature: Original
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