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V: 17, 177-190, LNM 191 (1971)
MEYER, Paul-André
Processus de Poisson ponctuels d'après K. Ito (Markov processes, Point processes)
Presents (a preliminary form of) the celebrated paper of Ito (Proc. Sixth Berkeley Symposium, 3, 1972) on excursion theory, with an extension (the use of possibly unbounded entrance laws instead of initial measures) which has become part of the now classical theory
Comment: A slip in the definition of Poisson point processes is corrected in vol. VI p.253. The material has appeared repeatedly in book form
Keywords: Poisson point processes, Excursions, Local times
Nature: Exposition, Original additions
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VIII: 20, 344-354, LNM 381 (1974)
WALDENFELS, Wilhelm von
Taylor expansion of a Poisson measure (Miscellanea)
To be completed
Comment: To be completed
Keywords: Poisson point processes
Nature: Original
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XV: 23, 311-319, LNM 850 (1981)
ALDOUS, David J.; BARLOW, Martin T.
On countable dense random sets (General theory of processes, Point processes)
This paper is devoted to random sets $B$ which are countable, optional (i.e., can be represented as the union of countably many graphs of stopping times $T_n$) and dense. The main result is that whenever the increasing processes $I_{t\ge T_n}$ have absolutely continuous compensators (in which case the same property holds for any stopping time $T$ whose graph is contained in $B$), then the random set $B$ can be represented as the union of all the points of countably many independent standard Poisson processes (intuitively, a Poisson measure whose rate is $+\infty$ times Lebesgue measure). This may require, however, an innocuous enlargement of filtration. Another characterization of such random sets is roughly that they do not intersect previsible sets of zero Lebesgue measure. Note also an interesting example of a set optional w.r.t. two filtrations, but not w.r.t. their intersection
Keywords: Poisson point processes
Nature: Original
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