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III: 02, 24-33, LNM 88 (1969)
AZÉMA, Jacques; DUFLO, Marie; REVUZ, Daniel
Mesure invariante des processus de Markov récurrents (Markov processes)
A condition similar to the Harris recurrence condition is studied in continuous time. It is shown that it implies the existence (up to a constant factor) of a unique $\sigma$-finite excessive measure, which is invariant. The invariant measure for a time-changed process is described
Comment: This is related to several papers by the same authors on recurrent Markov processes, and in particular to 201
Keywords: Recurrent potential theory, Invariant measures
Nature: Original
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IX: 12, 294-304, LNM 465 (1975)
Propriétés générales et exceptionnelles des états statistiques des systèmes dynamiques stables (Ergodic theory)
This is an introduction to important problems concerning discrete dynamical systems: any homeomorphism of a compact metric space has invariant probability measures, which form a non-empty compact convex set. Which properties of these measures are ``generic'' or ``exceptional'' in the sense of Baire category? No proofs are given
Keywords: Dynamical systems, Invariant measures
Nature: Exposition
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