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XLI: 19, 401-420, LNM 1934 (2008)
KAJI, Shunsuke
On the tail distributions of the supremum and the quadratic variation of a càdlàg local martingale (Theory of martingales)
Nature: Original
XLI: 20, 421-438, LNM 1934 (2008)
FRIZ, Peter; VICTOIR, Nicolas
The Burkholder-Davis-Gundy inequality for enhanced martingales (Theory of martingales, Integration theory)
Nature: Original
XLI: 21, 439-442, LNM 1934 (2008)
KABANOV, Yuri; STRICKER, Christophe
On martingale selectors of cone-valued processes (Theory of martingales)
Nature: Original
XLII: 11, 281-330, LNM 1978 (2009)
HARDY, Robert; HARRIS, Simon C.
A spine approach to branching diffusions with applications to $L^p$-convergence of martingales (Theory of martingales, Theory of branching processes)
Nature: Original
XLIV: 02, 41-59, LNM 2046 (2012)
MIJATOVIĆ, Aleksandar; NOVAK, Nika; URUSOV, Mikhail
Martingale property of generalized stochastic exponentials (Theory of martingales)
Keywords: Generalized stochastic exponentials, Local martingales vs. true martingales, One-dimensional diffusions
Nature: Original