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XLII: 11, 281-330, LNM 1978 (2009)
HARDY, Robert; HARRIS, Simon C.
A spine approach to branching diffusions with applications to $L^p$-convergence of martingales (Theory of martingales, Theory of branching processes)
Nature: Original
XLVI: 01, 1-32, LNM 2123 (2014)
BOCHAROV, Sergey; HARRIS, Simon C.
Branching random walk in an homogeneous breeding potential (Theory of branching processes)
This articles studies the explosion and non-explosion of the population described by a branching random walk, as well as the behavior of the rightmost particle.
Keywords: Branching random walk, explosion
Nature: Original
XLVI: 02, 33-59, LNM 2123 (2014)
The backbone decomposition for spatially dependent supercritical superprocesses (Theory of branching processes)
Keywords: Superprocesses
Nature: Original
XLVI: 03, 61-70, LNM 2123 (2014)
BEZNEA, Lucian; CÎMPEAN, Iulian
On Bochner-Kolmogorov theorem (Theory of branching processes)
Keywords: Bochner-Kolmogorov theorem, space of finite configurations, space of fragmentation sizes
Nature: Original