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VII: 24, 248-272, LNM 321 (1973)
MÜRMANN, Michael G.
A semi-Markovian model for the Brownian motion (Statistical mechanics)
A model for physical Brownian motion (the effect on a heavy particle of many interactions with light particles), originally proposed by Spitzer and Holley, in dimension 1, is studied in detail. The resulting process, whose construction is delicate, is non-Markovian
Comment: The last two pages of the manuscript (proof of Proposition 5 and References) were omitted at the production stage, and added as a loose sheet to vol. VIII, while another loose sheet contains an example. These sheets are not mentioned in the table of contents of vol. VIII
Keywords: Infinite particle systems
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VII: 26, 284-290, LNM 321 (1973)
ROST, Hermann
Relaxation in infinite spin systems (Statistical mechanics)
The existence of a stochastic process describing an infinitely many interacting particle system is proved
Comment: This is related to Sullivan, Zeit. für W-theorie, 31, 1974
Keywords: Interacting particle systems
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IX: 26, 471-485, LNM 465 (1975)
Multiplicative excessive measures and duality between equations of Boltzmann and of branching processes (Markov processes, Statistical mechanics)
The author investigates the connection between the branching Markov processes constructed over some given Markov processes and a non-linear equation close to Boltzmann's equation. A special class of excessive measures for the branching Markov process is described and studied, as well as the corresponding dual processes
Comment: For other contributions by the same author devoted to the relation between branching process and non-linear equations, see 618, 1011
Keywords: Boltzmann equation, Branching processes
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XXIX: 18, 194-201, LNM 1613 (1995)
FRANCHI, Jacques
Chaos multiplicatif : un traitement simple et complet de la fonction de partition (Statistical mechanics)
Introduced by Mandelbrot (Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. 278, 289--292, 1974), the model of multiplicative chaos has since been studied by several mathematicians and physicists. Using a trick of Kahane, this article presents a complete and elementary calculation of the pressure, thereby completing and simplifying previous work by Collet and Koukiou. Moreover it connects the critical temperature to the entropy, and gives a necessary and sufficient condition for finiteness of the critical temperature
Keywords: Multiplicative chaos, Partition function, Pressure, Critical temperature
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XLIV: 18, 401-407, LNM 2046 (2012)
MOURRAT, Jean-Christophe
On the delocalized phase of the random pinning model (Statistical mechanics)
Keywords: Directed Polymer models, Partition function
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