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XXIII: 25, 315-323, LNM 1372 (1989)
DONATI-MARTIN, Catherine; YOR, Marc
Mouvement brownien et inégalité de Hardy dans $L^2$
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XXXVI: 09, 251-269, LNM 1801 (2003)
DONATI-MARTIN, Catherine; Hu, Yueyun
Penalization of the Wiener measure and principal values

XLIII: 20, 441-449, LNM 2006 (2011)
BAKER, David; DONATI-MARTIN, Catherine; YOR, Marc
A sequence of Albin type continuous martingales with Brownian marginals and scaling (Martingale theory)
Keywords: Martingales, Brownian marginals
Nature: Original
XLVII: 01, xi-xxxi, LNM 2137 (2015)
AZÉMA, Jacques; BARRIEU, Pauline; BERTOIN, Jean; CABALLERO, Maria Emilia; DONATI-MARTIN, Catherine; ÉMERY, Michel; HIRSCH, Francis; HU, Yueyun; LEDOUX, Michel; NAJNUDEL, Joseph; MANSUY, Roger; MICLO, Laurent; SHI, Zhan; WILLIAMS, David
Nature: Tribute