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IX: 16, 373-389, LNM 465 (1975)
DELLACHERIE, Claude; MEYER, Paul-André
Ensembles analytiques et temps d'arrêt (Descriptive set theory)
This is a sequel to the preceding paper 915. Instead of using the language of trees to prove the second separation theorem, a language more familiar to probabilists is used, in which the space of stopping times on $N^N$ is given a compact metric topology and the space of non-finite stopping times appears as the universal analytic, non-Borel set, from which all analytic sets can be constructed. Many proofs become very natural in this language
Comment: See also the next paper 917, the set of lectures by Dellacherie in C.A. Rogers, Analytic Sets, Academic Press 1981, and chapter XXIV of Dellacherie-Meyer, Probabilités et potentiel
Keywords: Second separation theorem, Stopping times
Nature: Original
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