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IX: 15, 336-372, LNM 465 (1975)
Ensembles analytiques, théorèmes de séparation et applications (Descriptive set theory)
According to the standard (``first'') separation theorem, in a compact metric space or any space which is Borel isomorphic to it, two disjoint analytic sets can be separated by Borel sets, and in particular any bianalytic set (analytic and coanalytic i.e., complement of analytic) is Borel. Not so in general metric spaces. That the same statement holds in full generality with ``bianalytic'' instead of ``Borel'' is the second separation theorem, which according to the general opinion was considered much more difficult than the first. This result and many more (on projections of Borel sets with compact sections or countable sections, for instance) are fully proved in this exposition
Comment: See also the next paper 916, the set of lectures by Dellacherie in C.A. Rogers, Analytic Sets, Academic Press 1981, and chapter XXIV of Dellacherie-Meyer, Probabilités et potentiel
Keywords: Second separation theorem
Nature: Exposition
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