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VII: 14, 136-145, LNM 321 (1973)
MEYER, Paul-André
Le dual de $H^1$ est $BMO$ (cas continu) (Martingale theory)
The basic results of Fefferman and Fefferman-Stein on functions of bounded mean oscillation in $R$ and $R^n$ and the duality between $BMO$ and $H^1$ were almost immediately translated into discrete martingale theory by Herz and Garsia. The next step, due to Getoor-Sharpe ({\sl Invent. Math.} 16, 1972), delt with continuous martingales. The extension to right continuous martingales, a good exercise in martingale theory, is given here
Comment: See 907 for a correction. This material has been published in book form, see for instance Dellacherie-Meyer, Probabilités et Potentiel, Vol. B, Chapter VII
Keywords: $BMO$, Hardy spaces, Fefferman inequality
Nature: Original
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