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VI: 02, 35-50, LNM 258 (1972)
AZÉMA, Jacques
Une remarque sur les temps de retour. Trois applications (Markov processes, General theory of processes)
This paper is the first step in the investigations of Azéma on the ``dual'' form of the general theory of processes (for which see Azéma (Ann. Sci. ENS, 6, 1973, and 814). Here the $\sigma$-fields of cooptional and coprevisible sets are introduced in a Markovian set-up, and without their definitive names. A section theorem by return times is proved, and applications to the theory of Markov processes are given
Keywords: Homogeneous processes, Coprevisible processes, Cooptional processes, Section theorems, Projection theorems, Time reversal
Nature: Original
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