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V: 32, 347-361, LNM 191 (1971)
WEIL, Michel
Quasi-processus et énergie (Markov processes, Potential theory)
The energy of an excessive function $f$ with respect to an excessive measure $\xi$ has a simple proba\-bi\-listic interpretation if $\xi$ is is the potential of a measure $\mu$ and $f$ is the potential of an additive functional $(A_t)$, as ${1\over2}E_\mu[A_\infty^2]$. If $\xi$ is not a potential, still it can be associated with it a quasi-process (see Weil 418) with a birthtime $b$ and a death time $d$, and the formal expression ${1\over2}E[(A_d-A_b)^2]$ is given a precise meaning and represents the energy
Comment: This subject has been renewed by the introduction of Kuznetsov's measures. See Fitzsimmons Sem. Stoch. Proc., 1987
Keywords: Hunt quasi-processes, Energy
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