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V: 22, 213-236, LNM 191 (1971)
MEYER, Paul-André
Le retournement du temps, d'après Chung et Walsh (Markov processes)
The paper of Chung and Walsh (Acta Math., 134, 1970) proved that any right continuous strong Markov process had a reversed left continuous moderate Markov process at any $L$-time, with a suitably constructed dual semigroup. Appendix 1 gives a useful characterization of càdlàg processes using stopping times (connected with amarts). Appendix 2 proves (following Mokobodzki) that any excessive function strongly dominated by a potential of function is such a potential
Comment: The theorem of Chung-Walsh remains the deepest on time reversal (to be supplemented by the consideration of Kuznetsov's measures)
Keywords: Time reversal, Dual semigroups
Nature: Exposition, Original additions
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