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XXV: 18, 196-219, LNM 1485 (1991)
Calcul stochastique avec sauts sur une variété (Stochastic differential geometry)
It is known from Meyer 1505 that intrinsic Ito integrals have a meaning for continuous semimartingales in a manifold $M$, provided $M$ is endowed with a connection. This is extended here to càdlàg semimartingales. The manifold must be endowed with a richer structure, a ``connector'', mapping $M\times M$ to the tangent bundle, that allows to interpret a jump $(X_{t-},X_t)$ as a tangent vector to $M$ at $X{t-}$; the differential of the connector at the diagonal reduces to a classical torsion-free connection. Introducing torsions leads to a more general ``transporter'', describing how parallel transports should behave at jump times, and reducing to a classical connection for infinitesimal jumps. Discrete-time approximations are established.
Keywords: Semimartingales in manifolds, Martingales in manifolds, Jumps
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