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XVII: 20, 187-193, LNM 986 (1983)
MEYER, Paul-André
Le théorème de convergence des martingales dans les variétés riemanniennes, d'après R.W. Darling et W.A. Zheng (Stochastic differential geometry)
Exposition of two results on the asymptotic behaviour of martingales in a Riemannian manifold: First, Darling's theorem says that on the event where the Riemannian quadratic variation $<X,X>_\infty$ of a martingale $X$ is finite, $X_\infty$ exists in the Aleksandrov compactification of $V$. Second, Zheng's theorem asserts that on the event where $X_\infty$ exists in $V$, the Riemannian quadratic variation $<X,X>_\infty$ is finite
Comment: Darling's result is in Publ. R.I.M.S. Kyoto 19 (1983) and Zheng's in Zeit. für W-theorie 63 (1983). As observed in He-Yan-Zheng 1718, a stronger version of Zheng's theorem holds (with the same argument): On the event where $X_\infty$ exists in $V$, $X$ is a semimartingale up to infinity (so for instance solutions to good SDE's driven by $X$ also have a limit at infinity)
Keywords: Martingales in manifolds
Nature: Exposition
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