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XVI-S: 59, 217-236, LNM 921 (1982)
DARLING, Richard W.R.
Martingales in manifolds - Definition, examples and behaviour under maps (Stochastic differential geometry)
Martingales in manifolds have been introduced independently by Meyer 1505 and the author (Ph.D. Thesis). This short note is a review of that thesis; here, the definition of a manifold-valued martingale is by its behaviour under convex functions
Comment: More details are given in Bull. L.M.S. 15 (1983), Publ R.I.M.S. Kyoto~19 (1983) and Zeit. für W-theorie 65 (1984). Characterizating of manifold-valued martingales by convex functions has become a powerful tool: see for instance Émery's book Stochastic Calculus in Manifolds (Springer, 1989) and his St-Flour lectures (Springer LNM 1738)
Keywords: Martingales in manifolds, Semimartingales in manifolds, Convex functions
Nature: Original
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