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XV: 30, 413-489, LNM 850 (1981)
Les semi-martingales formelles (Stochastic calculus, General theory of processes)
This is a natural development of the 1--1correspondence between semimartingales and $\sigma$-additive $L^0$-valued vector measures on the previsible $\sigma$-field, which satisfy a suitable boundedness property. What if boundedness is replaced by a $\sigma$-finiteness property? It turns out that these measures can be represented as formal stochastic integrals $H{\cdot} X$ where $X$ is a standard semimartingale, and $H$ is a (finitely valued, but possibly non-integrable) previsible process. The basic definition is quite elementary: $H{\cdot}X$ is an equivalence class of pairs $(H,X)$, where two pairs $(H,X)$ and $(K,Y)$ belong to the same class iff for some (hence for all) bounded previsible process $U>0$ such that $LH$ and $LK$ are bounded, the (usual) stochastic integrals $(UH){\cdot}X$ and $(UK){\cdot}Y$ are equal. (One may take for instance $U=1/(1{+}|H|{+}|K|)$.)\par As a consequence, the author gives an elegant and pedagogical characterization of the space $L(X)$ of all previsible processes integrable with respect to $X$ (introduced by Jacod, 1126; see also 1415, 1417 and 1424). This works just as well in the case when $X$ is vector-valued, and gives a new definition of vector stochastic integrals (see Galtchouk, Proc. School-Seminar Vilnius, 1975, and Jacod 1419). \par Some topological considerations (that can be skipped if the reader is not interested in convergences of processes) are delicate to follow, specially since the theory of unbounded vector measures (in non-locally convex spaces!) requires much care and is difficult to locate in the literature
Keywords: Semimartingales, Formal semimartingales, Stochastic integrals
Nature: Original
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