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XIV: 43, 410-417, LNM 784 (1980)
Remarque sur les fonctionnelles additives non adaptées des processus de Markov (Markov processes)
It occurs sometimes that a Markov process $(X_t)$ satisfies in a filtration ${\cal H}_t$ a Markov property of the form $E[f\circ \theta_t \,|\,{\cal H}_t]= E_{X_t}[f]$, where $f$ is not restricted to be ${\cal H}_t$-measurable. For instance, situations in renewal theory where one is given a Markov pair $(X_t,Y_t)$, and ${\cal H}_t$ describes the path of $X$ up to time $t$, and the whole path of $Y$. In such cases, the authors show that additive functionals which are previsible in the larger filtration are in fact previsible in the filtration of $X$ alone
Keywords: Additive functionals
Nature: Original
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