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XIII: 29, 332-359, LNM 721 (1979)
JEULIN, Thierry; YOR, Marc
Inégalité de Hardy, semimartingales, et faux-amis (Martingale theory, General theory of processes)
The main purpose of this paper is to warn against ``obvious'' statements which are in fact false. Let $({\cal G}_t)$ be an enlargement of $({\cal F}_t)$. Assume that ${\cal F}$ has the previsible representation property with respect to a martingale $X$ which is a ${\cal G}$-semimartingale. Then it does not follow that every ${\cal F}$-martingale $Y$ is a ${\cal G}$-semimartingale. Also, even if $Y$ is a ${\cal G}$-semimartingale, its ${\cal G}$-compensator may have bad absolute continuity properties. The counterexample to the first statement involves a detailed study of the initial enlargement of the filtration of Brownian motion $(B_t)_{t\le 1}$ by the random variable $B_1$, which transforms it into the Brownian bridge, a semimartingale. Then the stochastic integrals with respect to $B$ which are ${\cal G}$-semimartingales are completely described, and this is the place where the classical Hardy inequality appears
Keywords: Hardy's inequality, Previsible representation
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