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XIII: 15, 199-203, LNM 721 (1979)
MEYER, Paul-André
Une remarque sur le calcul stochastique dépendant d'un paramètre (General theory of processes)
Call a ``process'' a measurable function $X(u,t,\omega)$ where $t$ and $\omega$ are as usual and $u$ is a parameter ranging over some nice measurable space ${\cal U}$. Say that $X$ is evanescent if $X(.\,,\,.\,,\omega)\equiv0$ for a.a. $\omega$. The problem is to define previsible processes, and previsible projections defined up to evanescent sets. This is achieved following Jacod, Zeit. für W-Theorie, 31, 1975. The main feature is the corresponding use of random measures, previsible random measures, and previsible dual projections
Keywords: Processes depending on a parameter, Previsible processes, Previsible projections, Random measures
Nature: Exposition, Original additions
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