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XI: 31, 446-481, LNM 581 (1977)
MEYER, Paul-André
Notes sur les intégrales stochastiques (Martingale theory)
This paper contains six additions to 1017. Chapter~I concerns Hilbert space valued martingales, following Métivier, defining in particular their operator valued brackets and the corresponding stochastic integrals. Chapter~II gives a new proof (due to Yan, and now classical) of the basic result on the structure of local martingales. Chapter~III is a theorem of Herz (and Lépingle in continuous time) on the representation of $BMO$ which corresponds to the ``maximal'' definition of $H^1$. Chapter~IV states that, if $(B_t)$ is a $BMO$ martingale and $(X_t)$ is a martingale bounded in $L^p$, then $\sup_t X^{\ast}_t |B_{\infty}-B_t|$ is also in $L^p$ with a norm controlled by that of $X$ ($1< p<\infty$; there is at least a wrong statement about $p=1$ at the bottom of p. 470). This result can be interpreted as $L^p$ boundedness of the commutator of two operators: multiplication by an element of $BMO$, and stochastic integration by a bounded previsible process. Chapter~V (again on $BMO$) has a wrong proof, and seems to be still an open problem. Chapter~VI consists of small additions and corrections, and in particular acknowledges the priority of P.W.~Millar for useful results on local times
Comment: Three errors are corrected in 1248 and 1249
Keywords: Stochastic integrals, Hilbert space valued martingales, Operator stochastic integrals, $BMO$
Nature: Original
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